1592688440 Note: Keep all Conversations, deliveries & Payments inside this platform to ensure safety.

About Us

Afrobora is a service marketplace with escrow functionality that protects buyers and sellers from fraudulent intentions and temptations.

We Eliminate The Fear of Losing Money or Low Standard  Services/Products

Discuss First

Clients and service providers discuss and agree on deadlines before placing an order. Afrobora has an internal chat module where you can engage and agree on specifications, requirements and delivery dates.

Ask for Corrections

Whatever the project or task, check whether all specifications are made. Ask for revisions until you are satisfied. Only accept quality work. Afrobora only releases the payment to the service provider once a client is satisfied with the delivery. Never worry about losing money again.

Find the following service providers on Afrobora:

1. Web Developers

2. Writers and Editors

3. Graphic Designers

4. SEO Experts

5. Video and Animation Experts

6. Advisory Experts

7. Consultants

8. Marketers

9. Counselling Experts

10. Online Business Experts

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